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Tue Mar 26 21:41:44 EST 1996

re: David Chambers' question:

> Does anyone know of a supplier of Facstar sample line,
> other than Becton-Dickinson ($$)....

*Our* local B_D office will supply silicon sample line in bulk at a
reasonable price (rather than in pre-cut lengths).  However, we have also
used TYGON (rather than silicon) line, which is a bit stiffer and
therefore better for fast sample tube changing, although giving no
extra problems with the FACStar valves or with cell adhesion.  Details
as follows: 

Cole-Parmer Instrument co.
Niles, Illinois 60714
1-708-647-7600 or 1-800-323-4340     (1993 numbers)

Tygon (R) Tubing
Reorder No.  95609-10
ID           .0075"
OD           .080"
Length       100 feet

Cost us about $US50. in 1993.

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