Isotype Controls

Tom Sawyer TSAWYER at
Wed Mar 27 09:02:03 EST 1996

   Greetings,  I've been following the thread on isotype controls with much
interest. You guys sure have opened the proverbial "can of worms". I agree
with most of what has been commented on regarding the problems with Ab
concentrations and F/P ratios. I also feel that their use in applications
such as CD4 counts are of "limited" value since most of us tend to adjust
our analysis regions on the test histograms anyway. Having recently moved
into the modern era (we purchased a new cytometer with air cooled lasers
and apparently much higher sensitivity than our old water cooled laser/
jet-in-air instruments), I have noticed a significant change in our ability
to observe NSB. Has anyone else observed this? I am however a bit confused
by the comment that isotype controls may no longer be required for
immunophenotyping of leukemias/lymphomas. Due to the tremendous variation
in the inherent autofluorescence, "stickiness", and level of Ag expression
by hematopoetic tumor cells I would think that this is one area where at
least the limited use of isotype controls would still be needed..

Tom Sawyer
Medical College of Ohio
Flow Cytometry Laboratory

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