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Gerald E. Marti gemarti at
Tue Mar 26 17:17:05 EST 1996

With regards to isotypes controls we no longer recommned or use them.  In
any resonable sized panel,, you will have all the isotype controls that you
will need.  Essentially the staining of the negative population or the
double negatives is a subclass control in every tube.  Besides they cost to
much.  gemarti

One more point to add about isotype controls (forgetting just now the issue of
>how good an isotype control is if one knows neither its concentration nor its
>F/P ratio):
>While it is probably OK to batch isotype controls if one is concerned simply
>with finding the percent of cells in a population that are positive for a given
>marker (and that marker is clearly brighter than the batched isotype controls)
>-- it is probably *not* OK to batch isotype controls if one is concerned with
>the intensity of the stained cells (and one is intending to subtract the
>isotype control intensity from the intensity of the positive cells).
>Because of all these problems,  I believe I have heard that the latest US
>clinical guidelines  will recommend that isotype controls are not necessary
>(i.e. a waste of time and money ?).  Perhaps some clinical people can confirm
>this for the network.
>Yet Again,
>Alice Givan

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