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Mon Mar 25 14:22:37 EST 1996

>>>>>Has anyone had experience using LDS-751 abd SYTO-16 for apoptosis 
>>>>>measurements on cells other than thymocytes (as in Frey, et al, 
>>>>>Cytometry 21:265, 1995) ???

>>>>>Does anyone have a phone number for Exciton Chemical Co., Dayton,
>>>>> Ohio, which sells LDS-751?

I have used this technique (LDS-751) on MOLT-4 + etoposide, HL-60 + 
camptothecin, U937 + CH11 (anti-fas), aged granulocytes, Raji cells in low serum 
for 3 days.  One of my associates has used it on T cell lines induced with anti-
fas or anti-TCR (or CD3).  Worked in all cases.  Fluorescein diacetate a la 
Ormerod also is very reliable.

Exciton is at 513-252-2989 or 513-258-3937 (FAX) according to my latest catalog.  
I believe that Molecular Probes now also sells LDS-751.  There is apparently 
some controversy about Styryl 8 versus LDS-751 and the appropriate structure.  I 
have only used the Exciton material.

This is a personal communciation and not an official communication of BDIS.

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