Cellquest and Microsoft Office conflict

Joseph Webster J.Webster at centenary.usyd.edu.AU
Sun Mar 24 17:24:04 EST 1996

At 11:48 AM 22/03/96 +0100, Charles Sentman wrote:
>We are having a problem running Cellquest on a computer that also contains
>Microsoft Office software. The computer is a Power Mac 8500/120 running the
>7.5.2 operating system. We had been running Cellquest on this computer for
>a while with no problems. The other day we installed Microsoft Office and
>now Cellquest refuses to open. It doesn't give an error message but simply
>closes soon after it is opened. Reloading Cellquest and adjusting
>extensions have been of no use. The local B-D reps don't have any ideas.

With much thanks to Steven Merlin of Bern, here is his reply to the same
problem just a couple of weeks ago:

The following Microsoft Office v4.2.x extensions are known to conflict with
all versions of Cell Quest:

Q+E ODBC FoxPro Driver
ODBC Configuration Manager
ODBC Driver Manager
ODBC SQL Server Driver
ODBC SQL Server Setup

You can try running Extension Manager that comes with System 7.5 of the
Mac/OS or  Conflict Catcher 3.0.2 and see if changing the load order will
solve the problem. If not, create a custom set of extensions to load
without the MS Office ones. I did this on our Mac 7100 PPC running System
7.5.2 and CQ works fine.

Of additional note: Other extension conflicts with CQ are Timbuktu/Remote
with the Global Village Toolbox extension and the Visioneer PaperPort
Scanner extension.

Steven Merlin
University of Bern
FACS Core Facility
Institute for Immunology and Allergy
Murtenstrasse 31
CH-3010 Bern
Voice: ++41-31-632-8876
FAX: ++41-31-381-8764
e-mail: merlin at patho.unibe.ch

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