Cellquest/Microsoft Office conflict

Steven Merlin merlin at patho.unibe.ch
Mon Mar 25 03:59:15 EST 1996

On Friday, March 22, 1996, Chaarles Sentman wrote:

>We are having a problem running Cellquest on a computer that also contains
>Microsoft Office software. The computer is a Power Mac 8500/120 running the
>7.5.2 operating system. We had been running Cellquest on this computer for
>a while with no problems. The other day we installed Microsoft Office and
>now Cellquest refuses to open. It doesn't give an error message but simply
>closes soon after it is opened. Reloading Cellquest and adjusting
>extensions have been of no use....

Many of the Microsoft Office extensions are known to cause a conflict with
Cell Quest opening exactly as you described. Using the Extension manager
that comes with System 7.5.2 or if you have Conflict Catcher or similar
extension manager utility installed, create a custom set of extensions to
load at startup that does not include Microsoft office. Refer to an earlier
response in the Cytometry archives where I listed the Microsoft extensions
known to cause conflicts.

Some other things to check are: turn virtual memory off; try increasing the
memory allotted to the Cell Quest program if your RAM configuration has the
capacity. We use MS Word 5.1 or ClarisWorks together with Cell Quest
without problems on a Mac PPC 7500/100.

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