hematagones vs ALL?

Bruce Davis, MD - Clinical Pathology bdavis at beaumont.edu
Fri Mar 22 18:00:32 EST 1996

My approach, similar to that done by Cytometry Associates, is to recognize
presursor B cells or hematogones by their characteristic profile as
CD38++, CD10+, CD19+, sIg-, Fc receptor negative, CD20- or dim, and a cluster
often found southwest of lymhocytes on a CD45/log side scatter display.  I
find the CD10, CD38, CD45 combination particularly useful.  With this
approach you should have no problem distinquishing ALL from normal precusor
B cells down to a level of 2-3%.  For detection below 2%, I would feel better
knowing the original antigenic fingerprint of the ALL clone.

Bruce H. Davis, M.D.
Wm Beaumont Hosp.

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