Viable Sperm Sorting

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Thu Mar 21 09:52:32 EST 1996

Posting from an investigator interested in viable fish sperm sorting. 

The purpose of my work is to separate the 1n and 2n cell populations of fish
semen. We need to maintain the viability of spermatozoa for further
fertilization of eggs. The dye we intend to use is HO33342. The problems we
are facing: 
1). A suitable solution for maintaining the viability of fish spermatozoa
(e.g. rainbow trout) at 1000 times dilution for a few hours on ice.
2). Staining time and final concentration of HO33342.
3). Any problem for the dye to penetrate the compact DNA nuclear? Need any
chemical to facilitate dye penetration?

Feng Lin

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Thank you in advance.
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