New "Flo-wer" with some basic questions.

steven micko steven_micko at email.eushc.ORG
Thu Mar 21 16:24:11 EST 1996

  1.  If I optimize and color compensate my FACScan using FITC, PE,    
      and PerCP labelled cells, is it possible and/or recommended to   
      acquire/analyse a sample in a 3-color panel which contains only  
      two mAb's ?? 
      You can run two compensated colors after setting up for 3-color; 
      however, you might take a look at what effect there is on FL3 
      compensated signals when you change the compensation for FL2 - 
      FL1. Theoretically, there should not be any overlap between FL1 
      and FL3, but ...

  2.  Isotypic controls:
          a)  Can one combine two (or more) differing isotypes 
              (eg/ IgG1 and IgG2a) conjugated to the same fluochrome   
              (eg/ FITC) in one tube.

          SO, I was wondering if all 5 isotypic controls needed could  
          be batched together in one tube???

If you put two different isotypes labeled with the same fluorochrome 
in the same tube and got some nonspecific binding, then to which 
isotype would you attribute the NSB signal?

Steve Micko
Emory Hospital

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