quantifying mitochondria

steven micko steven_micko at email.eushc.ORG
Thu Mar 21 16:24:16 EST 1996

hello all hope your enjoying the first day of spring

Here in Atlanta, it snowed on the first day of spring, and I wore three coats to
catch the bus to work this morning.

i recently had an inquiry from a colleague on the possibility of measuring 
(qualitative or relative measures are ok) mitochondria in fetal rat hind 
muscle tissue.  i suggested that if he could obtain single cells we could 
most likely measure the relative mitochondrial content in treated vs. 
untreated rats.

The dye Red 613 comes to mind. Does it stain mitochondria 
stoichiometrically enough so that you can use it to quantitate 

Steve Micko
Emory University Hospital

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