Apoptosis detection

ZBIGNIEW DARZYNKIEWICZ darzynk at nymc.edu
Wed Mar 20 14:59:52 EST 1996

Several methodical chapters have been published recently which
describe in detail (cook-book type of the protocols) the strategy of
identification of apoptosis and applicability of different methods.
1. Methods in Cell Biology, Vol. 41, Chapter 2; pp. 15-38, 1994

2. Cell Growth and Apoptosis; A Practical Approach, G.P. Studzinski,
Editor. IRL Press at Oxford Univesity Press, Oxford and New York, 
Chapter 8, pp 143-169, 1995.

3. Techniques in Apoptosis: A User's Guide. Edited by TG Cotter and
SJ Martin, Portland Press. Several chapters. (Fax: 802-276-3837; tel:
802-276-3162, USA; fax: 01206799331; United Kingdom). Will be
published this or next month. 

Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz

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