New "Flo-wer" with some basic questions.

dladouceur@ISDTCP3.HWC.CA dladouceur at ISDTCP3.HWC.CA
Wed Mar 20 16:47:26 EST 1996

Hello fellow flo-wers;
     I've been trying to set up a three-color panel to run on 
peripheral blood of cynomolgus monkeys...and in the process have come 
up with some questions that I'm not sure about:

  1.  If I optimize and color compensate my FACScan using FITC, PE,    
      and PerCP labelled cells, is it possible and/or recommended to   
      acquire/analyse a sample in a 3-color panel which contains only  
      two mAb's ?? 

  2.  Isotypic controls:
          a)  Can one combine two (or more) differing isotypes 
              (eg/ IgG1 and IgG2a) conjugated to the same fluochrome   
              (eg/ FITC) in one tube.

     Boy Oh Boy...its not easy to explain electronically...let me give 
     you more details:
          -  In my panel I will have mAb's which have isotypes, IgG1   
             labelled with FITC, PE, and PerCP. 
          -  I also have a mAb w/ an IgG2b isotype, PE labelled
             and a mAb w/ an IgG2a isotype, FITC labelled

          SO, I was wondering if all 5 isotypic controls needed could  
          be batched together in one tube???

     I've been looking for some information in the litterature about 
this matter with no success as of yet.  I'd appreciate whatever 
guidance or references you may be able to give this new "flo-wer" 
concerning the above.

                                   Thanks, Diane
                         E:Mail = <dladouceur at>

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