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On Wed, 13. Mar 1996, Robert Nguyen posted ... :

!> Does anyone know of a good antibody against human Fas (CD 95)? I
!> am using it for Western Blotting purposes.

Following antibodies against human (?) fas-ag (CD95) are commercially
available in
Germany (and world wide, I think) as of 20. Mar. 1996. This list tried but
not accomplished to be comprehensive. Further additions/updates/improvements
are hereby welcomed.

clone	class	feature	form	react	cat.no.	quant.	price	suppl.	methods
CH-11	IgM	induces P	H	MC-060	50 µg	280$	Kam.	WB,FC
UB2	IgG1	none	P,F,PE	H	MC-063	100 µL	290$	Kam.	FC,IHC
ZB4	IgG1	blocks 	P	H	MC-072	100 µL	260$	Kam.	WB,IF,IHC,FC
SM1/1	IgG2a	induces	P	H	???	50 µg	260$	Kam.	FC
SM1/17	IgG2b	none	P	H	BMS139	1 mL		Kam.	FC,IF
SM1/23	IgG2b	blocks 	P	H	???	50 µg	195$	Kam.	FC
CH-11	IgM	induces	P	H	1504	50 µg		Imm.	WB,FC
UB2	IgG1	none	P,F,PE	H	1505	100 µg		Imm.	FC,IHC
ZB4	IgG1	blocks 	P	H	1739	100 µg		Imm.	WB,IF,IHC,FC
???	IgG1	???	P	H R M	F22120			Tlab	WB,IF,IP,FC?
Ab-2	IgG1k	???	P	H	AM01	100 µg		O/C	IF,FC?
Ab-3	IgG2ak	???	P	H	AM02	100 µg		O/C	IF,FC?
Ab-1	poly	WB	P	H R M	PC69	100 µg		O/C	WB
SM1/1	IgG2a	induces apopt.	P	H	BMS138	1 mL	BMS	FC,IF
SM1/17	IgG2b	none	P	H	BMS139	1 mL		BMS	FC,IF
SM1/23	IgG2b	blocks apopto.	P	H	BMS140	1 mL	BMS	FC,IF
???	???	???	P	H	???	???		Phar	???

antibodies against fas-ligand (H), remarks see above
clone	class	feature	form	react	cat.no.	quant.	price	suppl.	methods
33	IgG1	(3)	P	H	F33070	50/150µg	Tlab	FC,IF,WB
Ab-1	poly	WB	P	H	PC78	100 µg		O/C	WB
Ab-2	IgG1k	WB	P	H (1)	AM12	100 µg		O/C	WB,FC?

abbreviations used:
FC flow cytometry; IF immunofluorescence, WB western blotting, IHC
immunohistochemistry, IP immunoprecipitation, P purified, F FITC-conjugated, PE
phycoerythrin-conjugated, H human, M mouse, R rat

(1) According to information I recieved by product manager of the German
distributor of
Calbiochem/Oncogene apoptosis product series, this monoclonal antibody
against the fas-
ligand is specific for the murine protein and  N O T  for the human. It is
raised against the murine aa-sequence 261-277 which resides within the
cytoplasmic domain.
Interestingly, the catalogue indicates human reactivity on an other page.
Nevertheless, mAb offered by Transduction Laboratories against the human
fas-ligand was also raised against this approximate region of human origin.
This antibody is defined and offered as human-reactive. By the way,
according to my knowledge the mAb established by Nagata-S and co-workers
(Fas-Ligand in human serum, Nature-Med. 2(3), March 1996) is not comercially
available yet.

(2) If PharMingen distributes/manufactures an antibody directed against
human fas-antigen or fas-ligand is not known to me by certainty. You will
have to check this out by phone call or by WWW accession to PharMingen site
on the web indicated below.

(3) Transduction Laboratories anti-human Fas-ligand has an epitope within
the cytoplasmic domain, as checked by GenBank Fas-Ligand sequence U08137
submitted by Mark Alderson from Immunex at Seattle and as confirmed by
German sales representative.

NOTES: Prices are indicated only if information about US dollar pricing was
available to me. Some companies provided me a price list in Deutschmarks,
but because most of fellow cytometrists are not residing wihtin Germany, you
will have to inquire for prices not indicated in aforementioned listings,
All information is wheter acquired by phone calls to companies and/or
distributors or is taken out of catalogues available to me. No liability or
responsibility can be taken/granted for the information given, thogh I tried
hard to be precise as I could be.

Commerical provides/suppliers of antibodies mentioned above are:
	Kamiya Biomedical, PO Box 6067, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359, USA, 805-374-1380,
        FAX 805-374-1385; effective April 1st, 1996: 910 Industry Drive,
Tukwila, WA           98188, USA, 206-575-8068, FAX 206-575-8094
	Immunotech - a Coulter Company -> inquire: Coulter Corp., Hileah, FL, USA
	Transduction Laboratories, 2134 Nicholasville Rd.,  Suite 18; Lexington, KY
40503,606-277-1399, 1-800-227-4063, Fax 1-800-276-2251 (order), tech.
assist.1-606-278-7836, WWW http://translab.com/
	Oncogene/Calbiochem apoptosis product series
	Oncogene Inc., 80 Rogers St., Cambridge, MA 02142, USA, fon 617-492-7289 or
        800-662-2616, fax 617-492-8438 or 800-828-4871, E-mail
resprod at oncogene.com,
        WWW http://www.oncogene.com (test phase, ineffective prior April
30th, 1996)
	Calbiochem International, 84 Rogers St., Cambridge, MA 02142, fon 617-577-9333
        or 619-450-9600 or 800-662-2616 or 800-854-3417, fax 800-828-4781 or
617-577-8015, WWW http://www.calbiochem.com (test phase, ineffective prior
April 30th, 1996)
	PharMingen, Inc., WWW: http://www.pharmingen.com/
	Bender MedSystems, Dr. Boehringer Gasse 5-11, A-1121 Vienna, Austria, fon
+43-1-80105-378, fax +43-1-80105-477

I hope this list will serve resolving some reagent problems on this very
interesting and new but somewhat "chaotic" field of research. If further
questions arise, do not hesitate to contact me as indicated below.

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