Apoptosis assays by flow?

Tom Sawyer TSAWYER at gemini.mco.edu
Tue Mar 19 11:04:29 EST 1996

  We are interested in detecting the extent of apoptosis occurring in normal, 
immortalized, and tumorigenic human bronchial epithelial cells in culture.  We 
would like to find a simple procedure for staining these cells for analysis by 
flow cytometry.  Also, we are interested in finding a reliable positive and 
negative control.  Our lab has no experience in this feild and we are exploring 
the use of flow cytometry as an accurate and quantitative method for comparing 
the extents of apoptosis occurring in the above mentioned cells.  Any 
assistance which you may provide will be most helpful.  To reach me directly, 
my e-mail address is "jdemuth at gemini.mco.edu" alternatively you can reply to 
Tom Sawyer and he will pass the info on to me.  

Jeff DeMuth
Research Assistant
Medical College of Ohio
Toledo, OH  

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