Quantifying LIVE CELLS

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Tue Mar 19 08:23:34 EST 1996

  REGARDING           Quantifying LIVE CELLS

I am planning to run a survival bioassay were then I can quantitate LIVE =
cells only using the flowcytometer.  
I called Molecular Probes and they suggested "SYTOX" which stains dead =
cells  only (but will not cross the membrane of live cells).  Have anyone =
used this stain before?  Advantages or Disadvantages?
or is there a live cell staining? Suggestions......

Osama Nabulsi

Hi Osama,

Try using "Green Cell Tracker dye(CMFDA)" from Molecular Probes. This stains 
viable cells at 1.0 uM concentrations. Staining is immediate with fluorescence 
excitation at 490nm.

Good Luck,

Paul Hallberg

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