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Marty Giedlin marty_giedlin at
Fri Mar 15 17:24:30 EST 1996


I have been asked to participate in a study investigating the toxic effects of a 
variety of compunds in rats.  We want to correlate certain RT-PCR gene patterns 
with possible changes in cell cycle patterns.

Basically, I will have access to quick-frozen rat spleen, liver, and kidney from 
differnent conditions at various timepoints.  Does anyone have their favorite 
nuclei preparation method they would like to share?  I am interested in those 
protocols that have consistant yields of nuclei per mg tissue.  I am also 
interested in methods that could differentate cells and/or nuclei from different 
cell types within the liver or kidney.

I have a Coulter XL-MCL for the acquisition/analysis.

Thanks for all your help!

Marty Giedlin
Chiron Corp.
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