Quantifying LIVE CELLS

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I am currently writing a chapter for Current Protocols in Cytometry on the  
flow cytometric determination of cell viablity. I would very much appreciate  
any comments on the fluorescent probe noted below as well as any comments on  
other probes that you have found useful and--importantly--not useful.  
Protocols as well as example illustrations are welcome. Any comments should  
be sent within the next two weeks.

Dave Coder
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Subject: Quantifying LIVE CELLS
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  REGARDING           Quantifying LIVE CELLS

I am planning to run a survival bioassay were then I can quantitate LIVE  
cells only using the flowcytometer.
I called Molecular Probes and they suggested "SYTOX" which stains dead cells   
only (but will not cross the membrane of live cells).  Have anyone used this  
stain before?  Advantages or Disadvantages?
or is there a live cell staining? Suggestions......

Osama Nabulsi

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