CTLA-4 antibody problem

Hans-Peter Steffens stefh000 at MZDMZA.ZDV.UNI-MAINZ.DE
Fri Mar 15 07:36:17 EST 1996

Hi flowers !

I have anti murine CTLA-4 antibody ( clone UC10-4F10-11) both unconjugated
and PE-conjugated  and I tried to find a positive signal on various T-cells
including Virus specific CD8+ T-cell lines, spleen and Lung cells from
controls and MCMV infected mice. I never see any CTLA-4 expression.
The data sheet from the supplier showed a significant peak on ConA
stimulated Balb/c spleen cells.
I tried to find CTLA-4 expression on ConA stimulated spleen cells, too.
I used Balb/c spleen cells stimulated with ConA +/- IL-2 and 
I only found CD28 as control to be positive with a peak at day 2, but did
not see any CTLA-4 expression.
What are your observations about CTLA-4 and Expression on T-Cells at all. Do
you have a protocol?
Do I have expensive saline ?
What Antibodys have you used ( clone, supplier ?)
Thanks for any hints.
stefh000 at mzdmza.zdv.uni-mainz.de
Hans-Peter Steffens
Universitaet Mainz
Institut fuer Virologie
Obere Zahlbacher Strasse 67
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