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Janek Brozek udbrozek at
Thu Mar 14 17:11:28 EST 1996


Please forgive a newbe, but I wanted to ask 2 questions:

1st is about the subject: nozzle tips for sorting on FACStar or FACS
Vantage. As far as I know its easier to see the air bubbles forming inside
the nozzle tip if the latest is acrylic or quartz(??) or is there any other
option? I have also heared that the acrylic nozzle tips tend to 'melt' if
hit by the laser. What power? Do they melt instantly under 100mW or 300mW?
Do you know any other solutions and do you think the game is worth a candle?

2nd question is as follows: what is the optimal laser power for cell typing
analysis and sorting on a FACStar? Does it really need a water cooled laser
capable of 300mW @488nm, or is the air-cooled 100mW laser good enough,
considering all the prisms, lenses, stream-in-air stuff, etc. Isn't the
energy loss due to all those thingies too big for a 100mW?

Thanx in advance,


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