FACStar and Coherent Laser Available

Thu Mar 14 15:56:07 EST 1996

	The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the 
Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University (MCPHU) has a 
FACStar with Consort 30 and Coherent 70-4 argon laser that we wish to get 
rid of.  The system has been used intermittently over the past several 
years but is currently taking up space which is required for other 
purposes.  The laser has relatively few hours of use (probably in the 
order of ~100hrs or less) so it alone might be useful if you require a 
new laser for your system.  We will be willing to discuss any interest in 
this system that you may have.  This could be anything from purchase 
(make an offer), interest in specific parts, or donating it to an 
institution that would like an instrument but cannot afford the cost.

	If you are interested in this system, please reply via e-mail to 
me.  If you would like to talk about the system using a biologic dialog 
rather than the digital version, call me at 215-762-3310 and I will tell 
you what I know about the system.  

Robert Bigler M.D.           
Assoc. Professor of Medicine and Pathology
Director, Clinical Flow Cytometry Lab
BIGLER at hal.hahnemann.edu

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