tdt antibody selection

Glenda, M, Davison GMD at
Thu Mar 14 08:18:24 EST 1996

Dear Tom 

Greetings from Cape Town. We are using a monoclonal antibody 
obtainable from Sera-Lab. It is a 3 clone cocktail and conjugated to 
FITC. The product code is CT-6100. We have been using it for the past 
year or so and it seems to work very well. The method we use for 
permeabilizing the cell membrane is very simple and can be found in 
the following reference: J Clin Pathol 1994;47:843-849. 

Good luck!

Glenda Davison
Department of Haematology
University of Cape town
Groote Schuur Hospital
Cape Town 
South Africa
email: gmd at

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