Dual laser compensation

Ray Hicks rh208 at cus.cam.ac.uk
Wed Mar 13 05:51:48 EST 1996

I've "lost" the original letter in this thread, but I suppose that the
sender doesn't get anything in the Texas Red channel when the dye laser is
switched off or blocked, if that is the case then they need better dyes or,
as they say, dual laser compensation.  Separating the beams wouldn't help
in such a case.


At 1:37 pm 12/3/96, Mikael Vestberg wrote:
>>Subject: Dual laser compensation
>>Hi All,
>>Has anyone found, made, thought of, a way to compensate between lasers
>>on a machine such as a FACStar plus?
>>We see bright PE appearing in the Texas Red channel, apparently excited
>>by the dye laser.
>I do not think you need to compensate, just try to separate the
>laserbeams. There probably intersecting somewhere or something breaks
>off a portion of your lasewrlight into the wrong direction...

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