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Thu Mar 14 09:53:52 EST 1996

     A method for flow cytometry of GST isozymes is described in:
     Rekha Mehta, Hugh G. Davis, Gary W. Laver, Paul R. Rowsell and 
     Genevieve S. Bondy  (1994)  Glutathione S-transferases and 
     P-glycoprotein in normal rat hepatocytes and hepatoma cells: analysis 
     using flow cytometry.  Cancer Letters 84: 163-172.
     Measurement of GSTP foci in rat liver (on slides) is described in:
     E. Lok, R. Mehta, P. Jee, G. Laver, E. A. Nera, E. McMullen and D. B. 
     Clayson (1995) The effect of butylated hydroxytoluene on the growth of 
     enzyme-altered foci in male Fischer 344 rat liver tissue.  
     Carcinogenesis 16 (5): 1071-1078.
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