Need information on posting an announcement on a meeting

Dennis Broud 301-594-6259 FAX 301-594-6259 BROUDD at
Wed Mar 13 08:20:59 EST 1996

Unfortunately, not all of us have easy access to the lovely WWW.  Here at the 
FDA, I have to 2 miles to another campus, pay for parking, etc.  to use one of 
the few terminals that the FDA has that allow us to hook directly to the out 
side world.

The computer security people are so strict here because they think the 
industrial espionage types are trying to find out what the FDA is doing, or 
could steal someone else's stuff from Computer Aided New Drug Applications
(CANDA) or other electronic submissions.  

Anyway, I appeal to those of you who put a meeting announcement, etc on the
Cytometry Board to include the rudiments-- date, place, time and maybe a
phone number or E-mail address where we can get more info.  


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