liposomes anyone?

Howard Shapiro hms at
Tue Mar 12 20:59:41 EST 1996

I know submicron membrane vesicles have been looked at in flow, although I
can't dredge up the reference on the spot.  In system with a flat sided flow
cell, it would probably be possible to trigger on side scatter; below about
0.25 microns, scattering (with 488 nm illumination) starts to follow
Rayleigh rules, so forward and side scatter signals don't carry
significantly different information.  Changes in ion flux might be
detectable using membrane potential, pH or calcium probes (or those newer
ones which respond to other ions), but, in a stream in air system, with high
side scatter noise, you might have to use some nonpolar membrane label to
factor out size differences.  I'll try and find the relevant literature.

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