Dual Comp.

Thomas Delohery t-delohery at ski.mskcc.org
Tue Mar 12 02:58:26 EST 1996

Hi all, the first time I saw PE showing up in the TRed I thought
        either my optical filters were bad, my cables were switched
        or the reagents were mislabelled.  I couldn't believe PE
        was absorbing out at 600nm.  I then tried a CD3-PE from
        BD that was even brighter in the TRed with a clear negative

        I was able to increase the wavelength out to around 605-610nm
        with some loss of TRed signal.  I think the only thing you can
        do is select PE for the least abundant Ag and TRed for the most
        abundant Ag.

So just how "reagent grade" are lots of PE (or APC)??


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