Ergonomics of Facstar plus

Alan Bishop bishop at
Fri Mar 8 15:28:47 EST 1996

I wondered if any other facstar (or vantage) users had tried to 
improve the bad ergonomics of their machines' layout.

In particular the low bench height and accompanying pedestal/cupboard 
under the far left end of the laser bench, and secondly the fixed 
computer station.

We **have** to rectify this problem to satisfy occupational health 
and safety standards and I presume that others have probably had the 
same problem.

I have a very good idea what to do about our situation but I would 
like to hear from any of you who have done anything similar before I 
embark on this project.  The one item that concerns me in this is 
locating the ACDU controller - the bit that hangs off the back of the 
laser bench - is it totally enclosed within its own case or only 
partially its own with the cupboard, courtesy screen and bench forming 
the rest?  It appears to me that the latter is the case.

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