Chromosome sorting

Walter Sharp 102675.320 at
Mon Mar 11 21:58:01 EST 1996

Fellow F(lor)als,

A colleage from our college of science is soon to get a dual laser sorter with a
view to doing chromosome sorting and work on "The human genome".
Since I am purely in the clinical field (and do not have a sorter) there is
little advice I can offer him.
I was going to give him the mailing list address but his e mail facility is one
"mailbox" for the whole department and access time is at a premium.

My question is this -
Would any of you out there with experience in this field be willing to help him
set up the protocols etc ?
If so, may I request that you let me know at my e mail address so I can pass on
individual locations to him.

Best regards

Wal Sharp

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