This is the last message......on the CD ROM! PAUL at
Mon Mar 11 14:28:24 EST 1996

This is the last email message that will be placed onto the Purdue 
Cytometry CD ROM. The project is finished and the last files to be 
added are the current Cytometry EMAIL messages. 

After literally hundreds of hours, and several test cuts, we have a 
CD that will be the start I hope, of a series of disks coming to you 
from a well known publisher. The disk contains about 7,000 files all 
intricately linked using a web browser. 

For participants of the Rimini ISAC Congress, the disk will be free 
of charge. You can obtain a copy from selected exhibitor's booths. 
Major sponsors were Becton-Dickinson and Bio-Rad Inc. Other valued 
sponsors included Softflow, Verity, Phoenix, FSC Corp, Integrated 
Diagnostics, & Sigma Biosciences. They provided the $$ so you could 
get this for free. Please remember this when you visit the 
exhibition area of the congress.

Please visit these booths at ISAC to obtain your free copy of the 
CD. There will only be 900 disks available at the congress so we 
would appreciate you only taking one copy! We do ask one favor - to 
get your copy you need to fill in a short form for us, so we know 
who to contact for future updates. 

I am trying to work out a way for people not attending the 
congress to obtain a CD. There will be a $20 fee (within USA only) 
associated with this (slightly cheaper than flying to Rimini to pick 
up your free copy!!), and I will give details later as to how to get 
the disc if anyone wants them. There will only be a limited number 
available after the congress.

Finally, thank-you all those who contributed to this project. 
Hopefully, you are all acknowledged by name on the CD itself. I think 
this is an exciting concept. We are already planning the next disk - 
we sure know what NOT to do! It will be more interactive, but just as 
informative as this one.

Now all I have to do is work out how to get 900 disks to 
April 12....sigh..

Goodbye from the CD ROM EMAIL LIST!!!!

J.Paul Robinson and the CD ROM TEAM
Karen Cornell, Traci Heskett, Steve Kelley, Gretchen Lawler, Kathy 
Ragheb, Jim Whitfield. 

J.Paul Robinson, Purdue University Cytometry Labs
robinson at PH:317-494 6449 FAX:317-494 0517

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