Compensation & the WWW

Mario Roederer Roederer at Darwin.Stanford.EDU
Fri Mar 8 17:27:47 EST 1996

Recently, I wrote a short informal paper on compensation for distribution to
some clinical laboratories doing 3-color work for an ACTG trial.  I decided to
base my first entry into the magic kingdom of Web Pages on this...  it quickly
ballooned into a fuller presentation of "what is compensation", "how does
compensation work", etc., along with examples of poor compensation, hints for
proper compensation, even a recipe...

The pages can be accessed through the URL
(use all lower-case letters; unfortunately, this is on a UNIX-server, which is

There are two main "threads"--the informal discussion that is aimed at less
technically-oriented operators, as well as a more rigorous treatment that
provides additional examples and even a little mathematics.

It's my hope that this can be an educational tool for new users as well as
established operators; I appreciate any feedback that the community might


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