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Tom Mchugh mchugh at pangloss.ucsf.EDU
Wed Mar 6 13:39:38 EST 1996

We currently do TdT determination for leukemia characterization on
cytocentrifuge preps using the rabbit polyclonal anti-TdT. We have
however for years been looking at doing the test by flow cytometry with
monoclonal anti-TdT. There are anecdotal reports, at least, that the
monoclonal anti-TdT misses some ALL's which are positive by the rabbit
anti-TdT. I have recently heard that the mixture of 3 monoclonals to TdT
which has been the popular mixture is not as good as a new single monoclonal
anti-TdT. Does anyone know what is really going on here?


Tom McHugh
mchugh at

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