old HP hard drive

Dave Coder dave at nucleus.immunol.washington.edu
Mon Mar 4 11:56:48 EST 1996

I've had excellent service from on refurbished HP equipment from Jim Becker  
at DirectTech Solutions. He and his brother (who was the head service tech)  
were at Norco until they just recently setup their own business. Prices for  
used equipment can be extremely good. He'll probably undercut Norco's pricing  
as well.

Jim Becker, DirectTech Solutions, 216-808-0566 tel. 216-808-0567,
24500 Center Rdige Road Suite 180 Cleveland OH 44145

Tell 'em Groucho sent you.

dcoder at u.washington.edu

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Subject: old HP hard drive

Dear Colleagues-

My stand-alone analytical HP computer is dead!   Apparently it needs a new
hard drive unit.  Does anyone have an old HP9153 unit (it contains the hard
drive and the 3.5" floppy drive) that they would like to sell?  BD wants
$3080 for one and I have a hard time paying them that much for such an
obsolete item!!!!!


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