BrDU feedback

Michael Fox MFox at vines.ColoState.EDU
Mon Mar 4 12:09:52 EST 1996

Dr. Darley wrote concerning different methods for BrdUrd processing and 
wondered whether comparisons have been made between methods.  Dolbeare and 
Gray, Cytometry 9, 631-635, 1988, used a method of Eco R1 endonuclease plus 
Exo III exonuclease to open up single stranded regions of the DNA and found 
it to be more sensitive than HCl denaturation.  I have also used both methods 
extensively and found that a much shorter pulse of BrdUrd could be used with 
the Eco/Exo method than with HCl.  I was using image analysis to look at 
BrdUrd incorporation and the results were better with the Eco/Exo method.  
However, for flow I routinely use the HCl method because it is cheaper and 
easier and works fine for what we normally do.  

Mike Fox
Colorado State University

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