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Excitation/Emission with our STANDARD FITC-type filters works. These are 490 nm 
excitation, a 500 nm dichroic and a 515 LONGPASS emission filter.
There is an extra 455 barrier filter in the excitation path - I don't know if 
removing this would give any more UV excited EB...

I think all you need is a 515 nm longpass instead of a bandpass filter.

I've tried using the same setup above with PI instead of EB and EB is easier to 

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Subject: AO-EB filters
Author:  DJS at ALLP.COM at @UCSD
Date:    2/29/96 4:40 PM

We are using the AO-EB combination staining of nuclear material to access
cells for apoptosis. We have a fluorescent scope but the filter sets we have
are specific for emissions of either 525nm OR 575nm (FITC or PE
respectively).  What excitation/emission filter set should be used and would
you recommend to see both the green nuclear stain of AO in live cells and
the EB stain in the dead cells at the same time?   A  525nm Band Pass?
Thanks /
Dan Smith
djs at

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