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Ray Hicks rh208 at
Mon Jun 10 05:38:48 EST 1996

Hi Rochelle,

There is a good shareware internet-serving application for the mac called
NetPresenz (it used to be called ftpd).  I've used it for a while and have
had no problems serving local users, or internet people (I have had
problems with the disc I was using to serve the data from, so my server's
down for a while).

You give people access privileges using the mac's "Users and Groups"
control panel in the same way as you do for a local network. You can get
NetPresenz from:

*       <>
*       <>
*       <>
*       <>
*       <>
*       <>

I can't comment on server software for the PC I'm afraid, but I'm sure that
others will.

Fetch is a useful client program for transferring files to and from an ftp
server using the mac.

Hope this helps


At 11:14 am 6/6/96, Rochelle A. Diamond wrote:
>I need advice on the best way to network Facscan/MAC system and an elite/
>pc system to a file server to send files to the user community.  Any
>suggestions on file servers, networking solutions for crossplatform
>problem, network software.  We would like to put in a grant to do this
>and I need to know how other people are currently solving these
>problems.  We have a Coulter Elite w/486, a Facsan which we will upgrade
>to the MAC, and an old Ortho 50H with 2150 hooked up with cytolink to a
>386.  Can anyone advise me?
>Rochelle Diamond
>Caltech Flow Cytometry/Cell Sorting Facility

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