Elite backup systems

Arnold Pizzey a.pizzey at ucl.ac.uk
Mon Jun 10 09:24:02 EST 1996

>I need advice from Coulter Elite Users.  Is anyone utilizing a zip drive 
>for backup.  What are most Elite systems using?  We have a 486 currently 
>without exogenous backup and would like to get out of the dark ages and 
>backup more humanely.  Suggestions, experiences, brands, anything at all 
>would be most helpful.

>Thanks in advance,
>Rochelle Diamond
>Caltech Flow Cytometry/Cell Sorting Facility  

Hello everyone,

       We use a SYQUEST EZ135 drive on our ELITE for data transport/backup,
 although this system works well the setting up was not as straightforward 
as it might be supposed;

        Our original workstation was an INTEL 302 25MHz/386sx/387 with an
INTEL BIOS version 1.10
        physical instalation was no problem; we threw away the 5.25' drive
and slotted the EZ in,
        however on startup the workstation refused to accept its existence,
I suspected this had 
        something to do with the IDE disk controller card however, replacing
this with an EIDE card
        still did not produce a fix so my best guess is that the old BIOS
could not cope with the 
        EIDE card/drive combination.

        The solution was to upgrade to a newer 486 motherboard which
recognised the EZ drive, I 
        suspect that current 486 based workstations support EIDE second
channel drives so this 
        should not be a problem (but it would be a good idea to check)

        In use we have had very little problems with the EZdrive, its data
transfer rate is quite
        high (aproaching a 'real' hard drive) so it is practical to play
back listmode files 
        direct from the cartridge rather than copying them to the
workstation hard drive.

        I have read some reviews of the EZdrive versus the Iomega system,
most like the EZdrive speed
        but have prefered  the Iomega drive cartridges robust construction.

        In practice, we find the EZdrive cartridges meet our needs.

Arnold Pizzey
Dept. Haematology
98 Chenies Mews
London WC1E 6HX
a.pizzey at ucl.ac.uk

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