Application for stay in a laboratory

Dra Yolanda Romero-Pizarro C0210001 at
Sat Jan 27 16:39:28 EST 1996

I am a Medical Doctor, my name is Yolanda Romero and I have just finished my tra
ining period as a specialist in Internal Medicine. I have spent the past year in
 the Immunology laboratory that pertains to the Internal Medicine Service of the
 Puerta de Hierro Hospital, Madrid, SPAIN. I have mainly been doing flow cytomet
ry analysis of lymphocytes from bronchoalveolar lavage fluids in different pulmo
nary diseases. During this time, I have also become more familiar with basic tec
hniques in molecular biology, such as DNA and RNA extraction, PCR, gels electrop
horesis, etc.
I have a grant for 1996 for the purpose of continuing and broadening these studi
es. Therefore, I would be very much interested in being able to spend a few mont
hs in a laboratory (Baltimore/Washington area) collaborating in some of the line
s of work. Thank to the scholarship, which was awarded by a private Spanish foun
dation dedicated to research in Immunology (Fundacion LAIR), my stay will requir
e no financial support on your part.
I will be able to star work there any time after February 1996, whenever it is c
onvenient for you.
My husband is working at the Department of Biology of the Johns Hopkins Universi
ty for this year so I can obtain my visa as his wife.
I write to this E-mail by sugestion of Dr Calman Prussin (Laboratory of Allergic
 Diseases, NIAID/NIH)I At present I am working at the Biotechnology Department o
f the Polytechnic University learning some techniques in Molecular Biology so yo
u could write me here at the E-mail address C0210001 at
If you need more data please tell me at the above E-mail.
Thank you in advance for your consideration of this E-mail and I will be looking
 forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Yolanda Romero-Pizarro, MD.

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