Jacek Witkowski jawit at
Tue Jan 23 08:03:31 EST 1996


> One of our investigators ask me question about percent CD45RO+ cells
> in mouse PBL.  I couldn't think off the top, the percent.  Could someone
> help me on this before I have to go hit the literature.

CD45RO+ cells in mice serve mostly as memory cells. The numbers of memory 
cells increase with advancing age,depending on animal history (mostly 
conventional vs. specific pathogen - free housing. I do not have figures for 
PBL at hand, but for the murine spleen T cells it varies from  around 20% in 
the young (3 mo) to more than 60% in old SPF mice (say 2 years old). 

Hope this helps -


Jacek M. Witkowski MD, Ph.D
Department of Histology and Immunology
Medical University of Gdansk, Poland

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