Apoptosis -- artifact or actual?

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Tue Jan 16 13:46:04 EST 1996

As many may know, one of the ISAC workshops at Lk. Placid was on apoptosis.
Extensive discussion was held over the several methods used in determining
apoptotic cells.  Also, however, some problems were discussed regarding
potential cell conditions which may lead to false positive results, i.e.,
conditions which may mimic apoptosis.  Ultimately, there was consensus
that it is essential to evaluate these preps microscopically to confirm
the existance of apoptotic cells morphologically, since that is the only
"unquestionable" method.
I would like to solicit some general comments regarding these points:
1) Are there such conditions which may cause false-positive results and
what are they?
2) Is it true that morphology is the only 100% reliable method of 
3) Given the proe

domiannce (predominance) of "analyzer" type instruments
being used in these analyses, how often do individuals sort cells believed
apoptotic for microscopic confirmation?

Mark A. KuKuruga
Karmanos Cancer Inst.
kukuruga%kasle1.dnet at rocdec.roc.wayne.edu

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