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The 2nd of January Mike Mazarov asked:

Does anyone out in Flowspace have any experience with using CD23 for 
lymphoma/leukemia analysis?

Mike this may help for the Chronic Lymaphoproliferative disorders

Our commonest disease is CLL, therefore, our panel is designed towards the 
diagnosis of CLL, and CD23 plays an important role in it.
Both CD23 and CD5 are positive in CLL, but we found that there is not a single 
McAb to diagnose this condition with confidence, but by using a panel, and a 
scoring system, it is very helpful as a strong orientation towards a diagnosis.

We use the following minimun panel:

CD22         CD2
CD23         CD5
FMC7         CD37
Kappa        Lambda

scoring system:  this will mainly suggest/exclude the diagnosis of CLLs.

Marker             Pos/neg        Score

CD5                 +               1
CD5                 -               0
CD22             - or +/-           1
CD22                +               0
CD23                +               1
CD23                -               0
FMC7                -               1
FMC7                +               0
Kappa/Lambda   +/- or moderate      1
Kappa/Lambda      Strong            0

The total possible score is 5 and usually CLLs score 4 or 5
Lymphomas and non-CLL diseases score usually low, 1 or 2
The most difficult cases are those which score 3, in that case the morphology 
overrules the score.

For more information please refer to the following reference:

The immunological profile of B-Cell disorders and proposal of a scoring System 
for the diagnosis of CLL.
Matutes et. al. Leukaemia Vol 8, No 10 (October) 1994 pp 1640-1645

I hope this will help.

Ricardo Morilla,
Academic Department of Haematology
and Cytogenetics,
Royal Marsden Hospital,
Fulham Road,
London SW3 6JJ.
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