ISAC XVIII Abstracts

Dave Coder dave at
Thu Jan 4 16:53:31 EST 1996

Abstracts for ISAC Congress XVIII on the Internet

The ISAC World Wide Web Home Page is now ready for submission and  
searching/retrieval of abstracts for ISAC Congress XVIII in Rimini.

Please see the new listing on the home page under ISAC Congress XVIII.

Joe Trotter, a member of ISAC WWW editorial board, and I have put together a  
series of pages that should enable anyone with Internet connections to submit  
their abstracts, and then search and retrieve those that have been submitted  
and approved. Joe Trotter did a superb job writing the scripts to make all of  
this work!

The basic process is this:
1. Someone on the Internet connects to the ISAC Web Page that contains the  
description of the submission/retrieval process.

2. To submit an abstract, the person clicks the reference to a
forms-based page which contains areas for title, author, address, and abstract 
fields as on a paper form. In addition, the user is asked to supply keywords.  
The name, email address, telephone number, and fax number of the  
corresponding author are also requested.

Note: if you have color or black and white illustrations that wish to  
accompany your paper, those can be submitted separately. (See the  
instructions on the Web page.)

If for some reason, the form will not work with your browser, you can submit  
the same information by email to abstracts at including the  
information in #2 above.

3. When the completed form is submitted over the Web, confirmation is sent  
back to the correspondent via the submitter's Web browser.

4. Submitted abstracts are placed first into a temporary non-public
directory where they can be edited for consistency with the original
paper submission. (The submission instructions make this clear.)
Approved abstracts are then moved to the public data base, where
they are available for searching and retrieval.

Note: I will not have a complete copy of the abstracts submitted to the ISAC  
office until early next week, so there will be a short delay until you see  
your abstract on the Web.

5. Searching the data base is accomplished via a form on the ISAC Home Page.  
Search criteria may include any word in the title, author, or keyword fields  
using combinations. (This type of indexed search is far faster than a whole  
text search. Whole text searching is a goal for the future versions.) In   
addition we will add the classifier for each session to which each abstract  
has been assigned.

For speed of access, pages were made as simply formatted text and
are compatible with any graphics-based browser as well as the text-based Lynx  
Web browser. Abstracts submitted by members of the ISAC Web Page Editorial  
Board has been successful. You can browse those abstracts now.

Please encourage all of your colleagues who have submitted abstracts, but may  
not see this posting to please submit their papers for the Web page.  
Abstracts that cannot be submitted electronically can be scanned and entered.  
We want a complete set of papers submitted.

If you have any questions, please send me email.

Best wishes for the New Year!

Dave Coder
Editor, ISAC WWW Home Page
dcoder at

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