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Tue Nov 28 22:40:25 EST 1995

>  Can you post a phone number and address for Tetko please?  Thanks
>  Dave Gebhard
>  Director FACS/ Oligonucelotide Synthesis Facilities
>  Albert Einstein College of Medicine
>  1300 Morris Park Avenue
>  Bronx, New York 10461
>  718-430-2724/ 3573


Here is some more information about nylon mesh from Tetko, Inc. for all of 
you on the mailing list (see my previous posting about use of nylon mesh to 
avoid problems with clumping).  Tetko sells nylon mesh that is useful for 
filtering cell suspensions prepared from various tissues before the cells 
are stained for flow cytometry.  A filtering step can remove troublesome 
large cell clumps that may later clog up the plumbing of your flow 

           Tetko, Inc.
           111 Calumet Street
           Depew, NY  14043
           Phone Number:  716-683-4050

The nylon mesh I have used for filtering suspensions of mouse thymus, 
spleen, lymph nodes, and epidermis is #3-85/44.  The 85 is the average pore 
size of the mesh in microns.  I cut squares of the mesh that measure about 
3 cm on each side, fold the squares into a cone shape, and tape these mesh 
cones into small plastic funnels (these can be autoclaved if you are doing 
sterile work).  The funnels are put on top of conical tubes and cells are 
pipetted through the mesh to remove the clumps.  The cost for this nylon 
mesh is $34.50 per yard of a 40-42 inch wide roll.

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