Specific MMWR Retrieval

Dennis Sasaki dennis at flowserver.stem.com
Mon Nov 13 13:05:06 EST 1995

For those who have requested or are requiring more information on  
the retrieval process of the CDC documents:

CDC's official MMWR electronic copy-of-record is the MMWR in Adobe
Acrobat.pdf (portable document format).  This electronic MMWR is  
in content to the paper copy-of-record.  The ASCII document is NOT an
official document of record and should be used with caution. The  
ASCII file
was created by an automated process and thus has not been proof read. 
It also lacks tables, charts, graphs, and photographs.  In some  
cases there
may be significant character translation errors (e.g. for Greek  
letters and
other scientific symbols).

To receive the official electronic MMWR.pdf copy of record readers  
select one of the following choices:

*  send an e-mail message to lists at list.cdc.gov.  The body content of the
   e-mail should read:  subscribe mmwr-toc.

*  retrieve the MMWR by connecting to CDC's anonymous FTP file server:
   ftp.cdc.gov.  The user name is "anonymous" and your e-mail address is
   your password.

*  connect to CDC's World-Wide Web (WWW) server to access the electronic
   MMWR.pdf and free reader software.  CDC's WWW address is:
   <http://www.cdc.gov/.  Go to "Publications, Products, and Subscription
   Services" then "MMWR."
   Download  the binary file by selecting the blue MMWR title of your 

*  Paper subscriptions are available from the U.S. Government Printing
   Office and Massachusetts Medical Society.

*  If you do not have access to either FTP or the WWW, you may  
retrieve the
   MMWR via e-mail from the Majordomo list server. This process is  
much slower
   and more complex than either anonymous FTP or the World Wide Web.

   Copy the following script, and paste it into an e-mail message  
   to lists at list.cdc.gov:

    get mmwr mmwr.archive.951110 {for the current MMWR}

    Majordomo will send the file uuencoded.  Depending on your  
e-mail system,
    some sites may have to process the received mail with a  
uudecode utility
    to create an acceptable binary file readable by Acrobat.  If  
the e-mail
    system does not have uudecode, contact your e-mail administrator.  
    Uudecode software is available free of charge at many FTP sites  
on the

*   If you have other problems or questions, send e-mail to
    mmwr-questions at list.cdc.gov

Dennis T. Sasaki
Flow Cytometry Group
SyStemix, Inc.

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