Peter J. Stopa pjstopa at
Thu Nov 9 16:45:32 EST 1995

 The U.S. Army Edgewood Research, Development, and Engineering Center
will be having their yearly R&D Conference on Chemical and Biological
Defense during 14-17 November 1995 (next week).  During this conference,
there will be a poster session and a series of talks given on bacterial
flow cytometry.  Included in the program are Dr. Harald Steen, Dr. Howard
Shapiro, Hazel Davey, and others.  The flow cytometry session will be
on Friday 17 November from 1000-1230 hours at the Conference Center
at the Edgewood Area of Aberdeen  Proving Ground.  

We are right off I-95 about 30 miles north of Baltimore.  There is no charge
for the conference.

If interested, please contact me by email for further information or for
directions.  My email address is pjstopa at
Fax is 410-671-5807.

/s/ Peter J. Stopa

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