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Wed Nov 8 00:52:30 EST 1995

Can anybody offer any advice on lymphocyte subset results we have
recently obtained on a 42 year old woman, presenting with a mild but
persistent lymphocytosis.

Her Total WBC is 12.2 x10E9/L
Lymphocyte Count: 6.3x10E9/L 

Marker results:
CD2     91%      
CD3     82%         
CD4     21%
CD5     86%
CD8     47%
CD10     4%
CD19   10%
CD20   10%
CD23    83%
CD56   14%
FMC7    3%
SmIg    16%

Given the T-cell proliferation, I am unable to explain the CD23 positivity
which is showing very strong fluorescence. The test has been repeated
with similar findings.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Robin Allen
Haematology Dept
Waikato Hospital
New Zealand

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