BrdUrd alternative method darzynk at
Thu Mar 16 10:30:43 EST 1995

Dave Coder have inquired about the method that can be used to detectd
BrdUrd incorporation and be compbined with immunophenotyping. We have
developed the method ofthe detection of  BrdUrd incorporation  which
does not require DNA denaturation. The method is based on selective
DNA strand break induction by photolysis (SBIP) followed by labeling
the resulting strand breaks with fluorochrome conjugated
deoxynucleotides by terminal transferase. The method appears to be of
comparable sensitivity with the immunocytochemical detection of
BrdUrd. It was described in: Li et al., Int. J. Oncol. 4:1157, 1994
and one of its applications in: Li et al.,  Cancer Res. 54:4289,
The modification and further improvement of this technique will be
presented in one of the forthcoming issues of Cytometry.
Zbigniew Darzynkiewicz

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