SALE : Ortho 50H + 2150

Betz, Joachim, APF Betz at
Thu Mar 16 09:18:09 EST 1995

Mainly to cytometrists in Europe, I think,

We have three CYTOFLUOROGRAHS 50H and two 2150 computers as well as one 
COMPAQ with the complete PHOENIX software for sale.
Hoechst at the location in Frankfurt is no longer interested in this 
technology and I myself changed position.
All machines have been working properly until recently when they had been 
uninstalled and the decision was made to not reinstall them any more at my 
new place.
Two machines are equipped with a 5 mW He/Ne-Laser and a 5 W Ar-Laser, the 
other with two 5 W lasers Ar and Kr. Two have Single Cell Deposition onto 
Petrie-dishes or microtiter plates.

For qualified offers or further information please contact

      Dr. Joachim Betz
      Gen. Pharma Research (APF),
      Build. H 811, Room 165
      D 65926 Frankfurt, FRG
      Tel.       :        0011-49-69-305-5268          (49=county-code; 
(0)69=Frankfurt; 305(0)=HOECHST)
      FAX     :        0011-49-69-305-80456

      Following is my X-400 E-mail adress.
      c    =        DE                     country code
      a    =        DBP                    administrative management domain
      p    =        HOECHST-AG             organisation
      ou1  =        MSMPFEI                organisational unit
      s    =        BETZ                   surname

Looking forward to answers, Joachim Betz

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