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What our laboratory does is follow the concensus conference
recommendations and use our local experience to establish separate ranges
for high, intermediate, and low %S (1/3, 1/3, 1/3) cutoffs of aneuploid
and diploid tumors separately.  This is admittedly an arbutrary approach
and requires analyzing >100 tumors for each ploidy group, is better than
doing nothing.  I share your belief that to clinically report breast tumor
analysis without references ranges is next to worthless or at least
clearly poor laboratory practice.

I like your idea of collating the responses you get; it would be interesting.

Bruce H. Davis, M.D.
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On Fri, 16 Jun 1995 tkute at wrote:

> I am interested in knowing the range of values reported out for %S activity
> when solid tumors such as breast are analyzed.  Secondly, I am interested
> in know what most labs do about determining what is a high value versus a
> low value.  Since diploid tumors always have lower values than aneuploid
> tumors, do most labs define different cut points for these two groups?  If
> they do, how many cut points are used and what are the values for these cut
> points.  Are laboratories following the CONSENSUS REPORT OF 1993?
> I will be happy to collect the responses and give a summary after a period
> of time.  I firmly believe that giving a number without a comment as to its
> relative value of %S is meaningless  
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