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I thought it was referred to as a GPI protein but I like PIG. You can find 
CD59 from Serotec as a mouse or rat monoclonal with I believe in fitc or pe 
conjugate $200.00 american. Number is (800) 265-7379 I just threw their 
catalog away yesterday. JAZMAN
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Date: Tuesday, June 06, 1995 5:01PM

Hello All;

        We have a patient here who we suspect has paroxysmal Nocturnal
Hemoglobinuria (PNH),   This disease represent a defficenty of numerous
leukocyte antigens.  The PIG protein or CD59 seems to be the critical
lacking protein in these patients.  While red cells are the ones most
effected by the complement, white cells also lack this protein, and thus
we can measure this by a simple flow procedure.  My questions are two fold;

1. does any one out there do CD59 staining, and would you like to tell me
how I can SEND this sample to you.  I really do not want to get into this
bag of worms.

2.  Since no one probally does this assay in real life, where can I find CD
59.  I searched all my Catalogues, and no one seems to have it.  Any
pointers would wonderful.

well thanks for all the help.  take care -- rr

rainer at

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