FACSnet and WS_FTP

Dennis_Young@CIS.ucsd.edu Dennis_Young at CIS.ucsd.edu
Mon Jun 5 15:15:00 EST 1995

I tried several different host configs in WS_FTP and the only one that D
ID work is the IBM PC TCP/IP.
This DOES work with my kluge: Win32s  1.15 and WS_FTP (95.01.01) with th
e LAN WP (4.2) Winsock.
Thanks to your suggestions, I now have yet another way to transfer. We h
ave the Novell *junk* but only Windoze 3.1.
It is pathetic that they put icons on DOS apps within LAN WP.
I think Verity's WHPPC is better but one has to be within 3 meters to ge
t 2-way transfer.

BTW, on the UK keyboard I think one uses the <Ctrl> 3 to get the # .

Can you set the Verbose mode OFF in WS_FTP when doing multiple file tran

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Dear Dennis...

I paid =A3180 for that crap NOVELL stuff called workplace......and promp
replaced it with the Trumpet Winsock and Junod's WS_FTP...Most recently,
this has been superceded by Windows for Workgroups running Microsoft
TCP/IP32 (latest Wolverine)

All the Trumpet Winsock compliant clients are 'fine' on this speedy
platform.   The problem with WS_FTP lies with the fact that the HP-UNIX
platform under FACSnet thinks it's a PC TCP/IP stack..The problem,
therefore, is at the HP end. With WS_FTP set to PC TCP/IP there is no pr

Give up your expensive NOVELL Licence and enter the world of TCP/IP/PC-N
and shareware.

Thanks for the hint....by the way, shift 3 gives me 
on the

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